CRCW06030000Z0EAHP: Overview, Features, and Applications

The CRCW06030000Z0EAHP is a precision chip resistor produced by Vishay Intertechnology. The "CRCW" series from Vishay features thick-film chip resistors that are designed for various precision applications. Here's a comprehensive overview of its features and common applications:


  • Type: Precision Thick Film Chip Resistor
  • Package: 0603 (1608 Metric)
  • Manufacturer: Vishay Intertechnology



  1. Precision Resistance: The CRCW06030000Z0EAHP chip resistor is designed to offer precise and stable resistance for use in critical circuits.

  2. Thick Film Technology: Employing thick film technology, these resistors offer high stability, low noise, and reliability.

  3. Small Size: The 0603 package (1608 metric) denotes the size of the component, indicating that it is a small form factor resistor suitable for compact electronic designs.

  4. Low Tolerance and TCR: These resistors are available with very low tolerance values (high precision) and low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) for accurate performance over varying temperatures.

  5. RoHS Compliant: The component is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, adhering to environmental safety standards.

  6. SMD/SMT Package: Surface mount technology (SMT) employed in the package design allows for efficient PCB assembly and space-saving.


  1. Precision Measurement Instruments: Due to their precise resistance values, these resistors are widely utilized in various measurement instruments and test equipment.

  2. Analog Signal Processing: Found in analog circuits such as filters, amplifiers, and analog-to-digital converters that require stable and accurate resistor values.

  3. Precision Voltage Divider Circuits: Often used in voltage divider networks and applications requiring precise voltage division and signal attenuation.

  4. Sensor Signal Conditioning: Employed in sensor conditioning circuits and bridge circuits due to their stable resistance and precision characteristics.

  5. Voltage Reference Circuits: Utilized in precision voltage reference circuits and dividers to provide stable reference potentials in electronic designs.

  6. Medical Devices: Found in medical instruments, monitoring devices, and precision medical equipment where accuracy is crucial.

  7. Industrial Automation: Used in automation systems, control circuits, and instrumentation where precision in resistance values is paramount.

The CRCW06030000Z0EAHP precision chip resistor is an integral component in precision electronic designs, providing high stability and low noise characteristics. Its application spans across a range of industries where precise resistance values are critical to performance and reliability.

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